ges "strengthen and improve" the withdrawal agreement that will see the UK leave the EU, as well as its f▓uture relationship with the bloc, said Lidington, who is the?/span>

ing to save her Brexit deal

Northern Ireland which props up May's government, said Monday night that it will carefully study the latest EU-UK agreement.Ear▓lier Monday, the European Commission voiced ▓its hope that the members of parliament will back t▓he EU-UK agreement, adding that it is up to them to decide what the country will do in next step▓ o

n Brexit.The UK is due to leave the EU on March 29, but MPs rejected May's withdrawal deal by ▓a large margin in January and demanded major changes. Befo▓re her Monday trip to the European continent, May has failed to secure significant concessions from Brussels.I

with the European

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f May's deal is voted down on Tuesday in the parliament, she then faces a possible▓ defeat on a second vote on Wednesday to prevent a no-deal▓ Brexit on March 29, and a third vote on Thursday to extend the Article 50 divorce process -- likely u▓ntil the end of June

.Lidington said the British government would Monday night lay two▓ new documents to the House of Commons --▓ a joint legally binding instrument on t

he withdrawal agreement and a joint statement to supplement the ▓political declaration on Britain's future relationship with the EU."FRENETIC DIPLOMACY"The so-ca▓

ss conference in S

lled breakthrough came after what were described as last ▓throw of the dice by May to save her Brexit▓ deal.Throughout Monday, the political landscape contin▓ually changed as politicians predicted May would lose Tuesd▓ay's vote by

t the Ir▓ish backstop , the bilate ral agreement aime d at avoiding a harder border between Northern I reland and the Re▓public of I reland, is " an insurance polic y."Also spe▓aking a t the press co nference, May said t hat th▓e latest agr eement is legally bi nding, jus t like the withdra wal agreement.The Democrat ic Uni▓onis t Party, a party from 左云县5G 济阳县wap 寻乌县wap 开远市5G 宁蒗彝族自治县5G 桐柏县5G 神池县wap 阳春市wap 渑池县5G 武宁县5G 兴宁市5G 武清区wap 赣榆县5G 衡南县wap 新沂市wap 乐陵市wap 克什克腾旗5G 陈巴尔虎旗5G 确山县wap 武平县wap 传奇私服1.80复古版 传奇私服补丁怎么解压 最新开的传奇私服网 新开的传奇私服 热血传奇私服发布网址 传奇私服手机 刚开轻变传奇私服开服 韩国中变传奇私服 今天新开传奇私服发布网 win7传奇私服单机架设